Medical Store License Requirement In Punjab Complete Detail

All requirements for making the medical store license are available in this site. If any people who want to know that they want to start the business of medical store that kind of people read this and then they can start it. First of all is that when they need to know that if this is any requirement that they want to do it and then they can get this that kind of people visit this page and they can get the information about all kind of license. In the past government allow that all kind of people can get the license for medical store and now they announced that if they do not qualified and they think that they can run this business that kind of person are not eligible.

According to the policy of this they think that if any person who run this without any license and they think that they can get the money from that then they do not get more money form that because the medical store is seized due to this. One the main requirement is that person has the knowledge of medicines and if they think that they just read this and then they give it that kind of person are not included to this. Now important is that when they have at least two years’ experience of that then they are eligible for that otherwise they are not eligible for that.

If any person who is doctor of pharmacy and they want to open it and they also have the PMC number that kind of person are eligible to get this and this is easy way that they can get it with this number. some of people who think that they have the license in the old number and now they want to renew it and they think that they do not know that they can do it with new policy or old policy and they want to know that what is the fee of that if they want to make new and renew of this.

Second thing is that those medical stores who are attached from the doctor and they represent that they are the member of this and they do not have the separate setup for this that kind of people need the special one license and they must be need the license with the name of Doctor. If any person who want to know that if they want to change the name then this is possible that they can change it or not that kind of people are eligible but for that they need to apply online and they pay fee for that.

Major Requirements

When they think that they complete all types of requirements and they think that this is best that they can get this that kind of people download the form and they attached degrees and the documents of medical store for license.

NTN number is also compulsory for that.

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