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All types of DUA’s have been mentioned in site. People who do not know that when they see dead body and they want to do something for that person that kind of people can read this pray and then they can do some work for this. Now some people do not know that when they visit in Graveyard then they do not know which DUA they recite and they are too much confused. For that, they do not feel any worry and they can get this from this site. With the help of this site, they see that they do not need to read, any other WAZIFA and they think that this is too much close and they want to do some extra then they can click this link and they can get this. Now most important thing is that they need to know that when they read this and how they can do this. If they read same thing with no any time then this is no chance to do this again.

In Islam this is important that when any person who do not live and other know that they do not do good deeds that kind of other person can do favor to him and with that ALLAH forget their all sins. Some people just think that they recite NAMAZ and then they do prayer for that person that kind of person can do very well thing but of things are only made for some special thing. If they want to know that what is exact meaning of this DUA and they want to get some knowledge about this that kind of people are eligible and they can do this from this site. For that if they need to know that how many benefits of this prayer that is mentioned in this site then they can read daily.

This is not compulsory that they need to visit the graveyard and then they can read this. No this is not but if they have this mind then they can change and they can read this from this site. Now one of the most important is that all kind of people who need to get some details and they know about importance that kind of people are eligible to read this without any external effort. We all know that DROOD PAK is too much important for the DUA and this is mentioned in site that they need to read first and last in the DUA and then they read completely.

Mayyat Ki Maghfirat Ki Dua

It is important that first, they do WAZU and then they recite SURAH Yaseen. If they think that, they do not have too much time and they do not know how they read this because they do not have that kind of people can read online. They must be need to read SURAH IKHLAS first and then they can start their DUA.

Try to make sure that they must be read some extra DUAS in their prayer.

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