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Margalla Cadet College Murree (MCCM) Fee Structure 2023

Fee structure of this college is too much famous in all types of cadet college. If any student who have a strong grip on their education and  now they want to get admission and plus they know about fees information then they can click this link and they can get it into two different categories. One is that the senior classes and second is that small classes that do not have too much knowledge about the classes.

At that time one thing is too much tough and too much important because they do not know that at which time they need to pay fees of this session and some students want to know that when they have a ability to collect the money at that time then this college take it and then they announced admission that kind of students first for wait and they check that is it alright for admission of this session.

Admission committee announced that some of students think that they need to deposit fee before admission of this session and they think that if any student who do not get the admission due to low merit rank then they can refund their amount but admission committee clearly announced that in first phase they need to pay admission fee.

If we talk about the senior wing then they need to pay admission fee of 20k but if they think that at that time one of other student also want to get admission and they need to pay admission fee that kind of students sum up their marks and then they can pay admission fee according to their percentage. Some students think that when they are from other city then it will be must that they need to get hostel but according to this if hostel society announced that they are not eligible for that then they need to pay the hostel fee private.

Now students who need to know about tuition fee then it is not fix but if any student whose marks are not good and they are included in the category of normal then they pay equal fees but if they have good marks and they think that this is best for admission of this session then they need to pay fee that is too much low and that is valid for that. At the end of month when education process is going to be completed and they sure that their dues of all month are clear then they are eligible for that.

Examination fee and fees of sports are too much important in this session and if any student who got admission in base of sports then they need to pay low fee because their base is not good education but their base is good in sports.

Margalla Cadet College Murree (MCCM) fee structure 2023

Students who want fee voucher but they do not have time to download it then they enter their enrollment number then they can get fee voucher in their social media through this best site that is only for the help provider to all students.

Registration for board is not included in this fee structure.

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