Mahboob Medical Institute Scholarship 2023 Eligibility Criteria – AdmissionPK

Mahboob Medical Institute Scholarship 2023 Eligibility Criteria

Mahboob medical institute offers scholarship for all needy and poor students. In this session, Institute announced that they provide facility of scholarship only for some department’s .This institute is affricated and this is private but this institute announced scholarship for only 4 departments that names are mentioned in page. Mostly students who want to get admission with scholarship and they have a mind that they maintain their result and get scholarship that kind of students can apply through online paper work. In Pakistan, Education is too much expense and now due to virus and any reason mostly families do not pay fees.

This institute announced that if any student who is poor but their marks are too much high for admission that kind of students can apply for scholarship. Mostly students and families think that these scholarships are not fully funded and some parents have a mind that this is just a formality but this institute declared simple list of scholarship holder. If any person has any doubt about policy of scholarship that kind of students Visit College and they can conduct interview to the scholarship holder.

Mahboob Medical Institute Scholarship 2023

Now there are two options for getting scholarship. One is that some students are too much like and they have 90 percent marks in intermediate and they have 85 percent marks in matriculation that kind of students are eligible for this scholarship.

Types of Scholarship

  • Need Base Scholarship
  • Merit Base Scholarship
  • Other sectors with funds

Now there are three types of scholarship.

One type is that students are too much poor and they do not have fee of first and last semester but their marks satisfied college policy that kind of students can apply for this scholarship. Need base scholarship is fully funded but first students read instruction and conditions then they are able for applying scholarship form.

Merit base scholarship is that students are intelligent and they have good marks in previous examination and they have highest marks in first semester.

Other sectors mean that HEC and PEEF are the famous sectors that are funded some colleges for poor students.


List of departments who are eligible for scholarship is as follows

  • DPT 5 years
  • BS MLT 4 years
  • BS P&O 4 years
  • BS Psychology 4 years

Procedure And Condition

First procedure is that this college does not give scholarship in first semester. This college first checks student’s performance and then they give scholarship to students.

Secom procedure is that all students who apply for scholarship that kind of students first give test and then they can get scholarship from this college.

Students who do not appear in test and they are needy that kind of students are not eligible.

Scholarship Test

  • Scholarship test will be on 02-2023 at campus

How to Apply

Students just visit finance AID office and then they take scholarship form from this office.

In scholarship form, students select their scholarship category and semester name.

All documents must be submitted for scholarship.

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