Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences (LUMHS) Need Based Scholarship 2021

LIAQUAT University of medical and health science invites to all new students for scholarship and admission and admission committee of this medical university announced that only new students are eligible for this scholarship. This is medical university and in this university more than 2000 students got medical degree and now they do jobs in the best sectors of Pakistan. Students who want to get admission in engineering or medical field and they do not know about eligibility criteria that kind of students click link and they can get information about eligibility criteria and some important topics like fund and documents.

All students of medical and other departments are eligible for this scholarship but important is that some of the students are too much needy and they do not pay their fees at proper time that kind of students are eligible and if any class who do not have any needy students and their scholarship seats are free of this session then students who have highest marks in the class that kind of students can get scholarship.  This university is too much famous in this area and mostly students who know about this university but they are not student of this university that kind of students are not eligible and they do not get scholarship from this university.

LUMHS University HEC Need Based Scholarship 2021

This university has departments of MBBS, BDS and BS in medical fields and admission committee announced that new students who think that they can get scholarship through any test that kind of students do not need to appear in test and they can get scholarship on merit. Mostly students think that they have a lot of fees of this semester and if they do not pay fee in that time then they pay fee with extra fine but this university do not do like that. This university has the kind rules for all students and now students who do not get admission on open merit that kind of students are not eligible.

AT the time of admission students have too many options to get admission and some of the students who have 80 percent marks in the examination and some of the students who just have 50 percent marks and they can get admission on sports quota or disable quota. Some of the students who afford the private charges and they think that they can get admission on self base that kind of students are not eligible for this scholarship. It is important that students who want to get scholarship that kind of students do not have any reaction with quota system like self or sports.

Eligibility Criteria

This scholarship is not base on the marks and if two students whose financial situation are same and only one seat is available for scholarship then committee have the authority to compare marks of both students and then they can take decision that which student is eligible and which student is not eligible for scholarship of this session 2021.

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