List of Need-Based Scholarships 2021 Check Online Detail

All scholarships name and their eligibility criteria are mentioned in this site. Mostly students are needy and they want to get scholarship but they do not know how many scholarships are working in one session. If any student who is in the KPK and some of students who are from SINDH province that kind of students have separate status and they can check according to their province. Some of scholarships are for the KPK and mostly scholarships are for students of Punjab. Now at that time, students must be having a question that they read in degree of intermediate and they think that this scholarship is not for that kind of students then students just apply and they can get scholarship by passing test or interview.

This is list of degree level that is eligible for scholarship in every province.

Matriculation with engineering and medical

Intermediate same as above

  • DAE
  • BS degree
  • MS degree
  • PHD degree
  • MBBS / BDS
  • Nursing
  • Engineering degrees

If any student who want to get details of any degree level and they want to get scholarship on the base of above degree level then they first check and then they can apply for this session. After that students whose marks are too much low because they do not have any resources and now they want to get scholarship that kind of students are eligible. Some big organizations are working in Pakistan and they announced that students who read syllabus from private degree and now they want to get scholarship then they are eligible and they can also pay fee with this help scholarship.

List Of Scholarship

Here is list of scholarship and some scholarship are for private students and some scholarship are for government students. First is that students who are too much active and they want to get scholarship after passing interview then they are eligible for scholarship and they can get amount at one time.

  • EHSAS Scholarship
  • PEEF Scholarship
  • HEC Scholarship
  • PEC Scholarship
  • DALDA Scholarship
  • Interloop Scholarship
  • Mora Scholarship
  • TABEER Scholarship
  • STSI Scholarship

If any student who want to get details of these scholarships and they also want to know that who they can submit applications that kind of students can watch the 1-hour video and then they can get know about submission of details.

International Scholarship

Some international students and some over-sees students want to get scholarship of this session and their aim is that they can select the scholarship sector and then they can get scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria

Almost all scholarship sectors have same eligibility criteria and if any other scholarship sector do not announce their scholarship details of this session then they can get details of previous session.

After that students who do not have any other scholarship then they are eligible otherwise not.  If any student who got scholarship in BS degree and now they want to get scholarship on base of MS then they can get but first they submit letter of last installment and then they are eligible.


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