Lahore School of Law Admission 2021 Last Date To Apply

Lahore school of law announced admission of their law department and they also announced that students who wish to get admission in best and most trustful institute that kind of students do not think too much about this institute and they can apply quickly of this institute. This school is very famous in Punjab province and best thing is that mostly students of different cities and different provinces can apply for this school. This school announced that students who want to enroll in this session and they have a mind that this school teaches 4 years syllabus of LAW degree level that kind of students are not eligible because admission committee and higher education commission announced that only 5 years program are valid of this field. Some of the institutes and other colleges follow rules of HEC and at the end of time they easily get degree from HEC but institutes who do not affricated with other institute and they do not follow other rules that kind of institute are not able for demanding degrees at the end of duration. This school is private and this school of law is affricated with biggest university in Asia that name is university of Punjab. Now this time, all students who are ready for admission of this course and they want to get admission in any reason that kind of students open site and they check conditions of this institute. All institutes who are affricated and they opened admission of law department that kind of all students first conducted LAT test and then they are eligible for admission of this department.

Now there are some problems that are facing by different students is that some students are waiting for their result of intermediate and some of the students who have gap in their study and they want to get admission in this institute that kind of students also face many problems. Admission committee of this school officially announced notification and they also announced that students who have any gap and they are waiting for result but they have good marks in part 1 and they are assure that same marks can get in part 2 that kind of students are eligible and they can get admission in this institute in behalf of part 1 marks. Admission committee of this institute declared that all students who have first division in their intermediate marks and they also have good marks in LAT test of their previous session that kind of students can apply for admission. Sometime, students have too many good marks and they pass all kind of tests and interview but due to limited seats they do not get admission that kind of students are eligible and they can get admission in next session.

Lahore School Of Law Admission 2021

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria of this department are that students submit their intermediate degree with good marks and they also submit result sheet of LAT test.

Boys and girls can apply for admission of this institute.

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