Kyber Pakhtunkhwa Technical Educational Vocational Authority (KPTEVTA) Admission 2021

KPTEVA announced admission for paramedic courses for all kind of students. Students who do not do matriculation and they want to do 2 years course about paramedic courses that kind of students can get admission in this institute. This institute is not for all students because merit is too much high of this institute and this institute is working under the government of KPK. Mostly students want to become dispenser and some students want to do different courses like dental technician and other. Students who are too much scared about examination of matriculation and they think that if they appear in examination that kind of student get supply in examination that’s why mostly students do not appear in examination and they prefer these 2 years courses. Now this time, all students have a different mind. In past mostly students learn skills and knowledge because they want to become big doctor and big officer but now this time mostly students try their best to do some short courses and then they try for earning. Admission committee of this institute announced that students who want to do earni9ng after the degree of their diplomas that kind of students select one field and get admission in this institute.

This institute has all kind of machines of XRAY and other physiotherapy machines for practice. Best thing is that mostly students belong to doctor family and they have some extra skills because they know about diseases and their solution. Admission committee of this institute announced last date of admission and they also announced that all students can get admission without any fee and they do not also submit monthly fee.

Kyber Pakhtunkhwa Technical Educational Vocational Authority (KPTEVTA) Admission 2021

Important announcement is announced by the government of KPK is that students who get their classes regularly and they do their study with goof performance that kind of students van get monthly amount from the institute as a scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria

Age is important and admission committee announced that age for both genders is between 16 to 20 years old.

If number of students are too much in quantity for admission then admission committee prefer first girls and then they prefer boys.

Students who have already registration of this course and they do study in previous session of any degree that kind of students are eligible.

Students who do not submit their complete admission form with all documents that kind of students are not eligible.

Courses and Duration

  • Lab technician
  • XRAY technician
  • Health technician
  • Dental technician
  • ECG technician
  • Anesthesia technician
  • Physiotherapy technician
  • Pharmacy technician
  • Operation theater technician

All courses duration are only for 2 years.

How to Apply

First students download application form and then they fill it with all information.

In this admission form, students write all types of data and they also write their records of previous degree. Students who do not have degree of middle class with B-from that kind of students are not eligible.

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