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KPPSC Test Result 2023 | Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission Result

The result of Khyber Pakhtunkhawan Public Service Commission for the session 2023 of new officers has been announced. Males and females who want to become the officer of agriculture, construction, revenue, food and other department’s officers that kind of the candidates can check their result that are giving to the KHYBER PAKHTUNKHAWAN Public Service Commission. Now this time, government of Pakistan and government of KPK decided that they opened 600 new jobs for the teachers and other departments.

  • In the Pakistan, mostly departments announced the jobs like police and universities. All the employees of different departments are appointed by the KHYBER PAKHTUNKHAWAN Public Service Commission. This department is very honest. In the past to now, no one case of corruption is in the front of the people. This department announced the test of different departments. More than one million candidates are applying for each post. Now this time every candidate is waiting for the result of the test.
  • Mostly candidates who think that they attempt the complete paper and they got 60 percent marks that kind of candidates are ready for the interview.
  • All the candidates know that how many marks they got.
  • Some of the candidates understand that they do not get too many marks that are why they again register in the next session. The details of new registration are mentioned on page or site.
  • After the 5 days of examination, the KHYBER PAKHTUNKHAWAN Public Service Commission announced the result date. The KHYBER PAKHTUNKHAWAN Public Service Commission declares the result at proper time and date.
  • Interested candidates open their laptop android device. They are ready for checking the result.
  • Before checking the result, students have the registration slip for checking the result.

After Missing The Roll Number Slip

  • In the excitement of examination, mostly candidates drop the roll number slip in the center.
  • Some of the candidates tore the roll number slip into pieces because they think at that time they remember the roll number.
  • At the time of result, that kind of candidates are too much worried because they do not have any idea about their roll number.
  • If any person does not have any roll number they enter the reference number in the site and then they got the roll number slip.

Online Result

  • The result is announced in the online portal.
  • Candidates enter the roll number in the portal and then they receive the result sheet in the screen.
  • Candidate can get the result sheet of test in the mobile phone.

Problems At Time Of Registration

  • Mostly candidates face different problems at the time of registration.
  • First problem is that some of the candidates have the slow speed of internet.
  • Candidates refresh their internet and then they start filling the application form.
  • After that mostly candidates face the problem of picture size.
  • Mostly candidates do not have the high quality scanner for scanning the documents.
  • Candidates just click the picture in their phone with quality result.
  • Candidates tried their best to upload the picture but the bad thing is that picture size is too much large due to high result.
  • Candidates do not have any idea that how to resize their picture.

Resize The Picture

  • If any candidate wants to resize their documents picture that kind of candidates click the link and use online tools for resizing.
  • Mostly candidates download some applications and software for resizing.
  • Some of the candidates only use online tools for best performance.
  • With the help o online tools, candidates can edit the picture with their own choice.
  • The procedure of resizing the picture is that
  • First candidates click the link
  • Then candidates click the option of online converting pictures.
  • In the normal cell phone, Cell phone camera takes the pictures in the MB but on the other hand admission form takes the picture in the KB.
  • Now candidates convert the Picture into KB.
  • The maximum size of picture in KB is 15.
  • Higher than 15 kb is not uploaded in the site
  • Candidates check the destination or address of file.
  • After clicking the online tools option, candidates upload the MB file.
  • Candidates enter the address of file in the tool and then they upload.
  • After that candidates choose the KB size and then they click the option of submit.
  • After one second, your picture is converted into KB with different result.
  • Then candidates download the KB picture and upload it in the application form.
  • Mostly candidates upload the picture but they do not save it. Without saving any picture, the application form is incomplete.


  • After applying the application form, KHYBER PAKHTUNKHAWAN Public Service Commission gives you the reference number and code. This code and number is for only login the portal again.
  • If any person feels that they do mistake in the form then they can edit the mistake and then they upload online.
  • Mostly candidates change the mistake but they do not upload it online. Without uploading the edit form, application form is not acceptable.
  • Mostly candidates download the applied form. This step is good but some of the candidates submit the application form to the office.
  • The KPKPSC announced that no one candidate submit the application form before the test.
  • After the test, passed candidates bring their original documents with him at the time of interview.
  • At the time of interview and test, candidates have the complete documents.
  • No helping material and other books are allowed in the test center.
  • Mostly students are too much worried about the test centers.
  • In the Pakistan, there are many test centers of government schools, colleges are available.
  • Candidates only select the nearest city for the test.
  • Candidates can select the city without any external pressure.

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