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Kashmir Day Eassay In English For School

Different types of essays and different kind of application with simple word for school students are available from this page. In this essay students learn importance and other information about Kashmir.


Kashmir is famous for beautiful flowers and mountains. In Kashmir city, Million of Muslims are lived in this city and Indian government is head of this state. Mostly people are from Hindu religion but majority are Muslims. In this state all kind of natures and other products are manufactured but bad thing is that Muslims do not live peaceful life in there state. All Muslims who want to go in MASJID and they want to recite HOLY QURAN with loud voice but Government of Indian announced that if any person breaks their rules and regulation then they do not provide them food and water.

Now situation is that 5 months ago, no one person can but their things from outside. Every day million of People and children killed for sake of Allah. Pakistan country tries their best to provide them different facilities and services but government of Kashmir announced that they do not need any one. They manage their own resources but Pakistan government announced that they protest against people of government and then they prove that this state is of Pakistan not for India.

Pakistan Relation With Kashmir

Pakistan is also Islamic state and Kashmir is also Islamic state. Government of Pakistan announced that on the day of 5th February all public and private sectors are closed for Kashmir day. In this day all Muslims do protest and they do different kinds of international programs because every Pakistani wants justice and every Pakistani wants protest against government of Kashmir.

In this day, mostly schools and colleges arrange programs of speech. Different private sectors announced that they arrange simple and peaceful protest in general roads and then they prove that they are with people of Kashmir.

Resources For Earning

Mostly people think that this state is too much beautiful but how they earn for their state. At the time of battlefield Muslims prove that this state is only of Pakistan. Government of India uses different resources that are in Kashmir. They have beautiful river and valley. Best thing is that this state has too much hotels and different visitors visit Kashmir and then they provide facility for all visitors that they come in hotel and take rent from every room.

Importance Of Kashmir

If Pakistan get this state then area of Pakistan is increase and people who lived in Kashmir they feel comfort because at the time of Indian government they face many troubles. Hindu government just wants that every Muslims left their religion and they want that every Muslim accept that they are salves but Pakistan government and other countries of Islamic state announced that they write letter again Hindu government and send it to international council and all members of international council try to find solution of this problem.

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