KANOLA Production Competition 2023 Form Download Online – AdmissionPK

KANOLA Production Competition 2023 Form Download Online

Production competition against KANOLA has been announced. Some of big farmers who have the seeds of this and they think that in this year they have too much do business of this and they have large production that kind of farmers are eligible to take appearance in this competition. This is too much heavy competition and if any farmer who thinks that this is too much best and they want to see that how the things are too much well and they want to compare their seeds with other one that kind of farmer can do competitions and then they can get gift from this government.

Punjab government announced that CM of this and PM of Pakistan take the decision that farmer who win this then they can get the best farmer award and then they can also get some amount that they show that Pakistan government appreciate the farmers working. Now main thing is that some of person who are not farmer but they get the land on contract but they do working on this and they think that if they want to enter in this then they are eligible or not.

KANOLA Production Competition 2023 Form Download Online

Yes they are eligible and they can get this. This government announced the land demand and they announced that if any person who want to get eligibility criteria and then they want to get this or apply this that kind of person are eligible and they Can do this.

Now this is not for all kind cities and if any person who thinks that they do not have from this city and they think that they want to come in this competition and they want to watch this that kind of person can see this but if they think they can participate then they are not eligible. Some of person wants to know that like this if this government want to arrange any other seeds competition then they are also eligible to do this. Now this is best confusion that all types of farmers want to discuss this and they mentioned in this comment box. They announced that they do not understand that this competition is based in how many things and they want to know that if this is based on quality or quantity.

Eligibility Criteria And Procedure

This government announced that first of all this competition is he in one city that is big but they all invited that they come and they see about this competition. Second thing is that if they think that they have too much high quantity but the quality is too much bad or normal and they want to appear in this then they can appear this but they do not have any chance to pass in this.

If they want to register for this then they need to get an application for this and then they submit to this application for the head of agriculture department of their city. If they do not have any department then they can also submit in any near department.

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