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Kamyab Kisan Program Tractor Scheme Detail Online

Kamyab Tractor Scheme has been announced for young farmer. This scheme is only for young farmer who completed their education in any degree and they want to do farming in their land. Prime minister of Pakistan announced that in this time farmer is in difficult situation because now this time supply of water and electricity are too much expensive and rates of agriculture is too much low. This scheme is useful for every farmer. Farmers who are from different provinces can apply for this scheme. Farmer who wants to get their own Tractor that kind of farmer clicks this link and applies for this scheme.

Mostly farmers think that this scheme is free but keep in mind this is just a type of loan. Farmer return amount of Tractor in different months. This government announced that first farmer bought vehicle and then they earn money from vehicle then they are eligible for returning amount. Some farmer who are too much rich and they want too many lands in their village that kind of farmers are not eligible for this scheme. Some students who have degree of graduation in agriculture fields and they want to do some work in their fields with new technology and new sense that kind of students can also apply for this scheme.

There are many ways for getting loan but best and reliable way is that if any farmer has enough money for vehicle that kind of farmer bought vehicle and then they apply for tractor loan. Some farmer who has some money they use it for vehicles and now they do earning from this vehicle.

Eligibility Criteria

Every farmer think that they are poor and they want to get loan from this scheme but scheme manager announced that only those farmers are eligible for scheme who do not have enough money for bear their family expenses.

Farmer who does not have bank statement of their bank records that kind of students are not eligible for this scheme.

How To Apply For This Scheme

First of all people who are interested for this scheme that kind of person pay tax on previous year. After that they have slip of tax and then they are eligible for this scheme.

After that farmer must have two gaunter for their loan.

If any person who does not have an gaunter but they have some money or jewelry that kind of farmers hand over their gold to bank manager then they are eligible for scheme.

Farmer first clicks this link and gets form for scheme.

Farmer fills all form and they write why they want to get loan. There are three categories for this scheme. One is that farmer wants to get this scheme because they do farming. Other is that they want to start their business of vehicle.

Important Documents For Scheme

Without submitting important documents farmer are not eligible for this scheme.

  • ID card
  • Electricity bill
  • Tax slip
  • Father ID card
  • Land property papers.

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