Jamia-Tur-Rasheed Admission 2021 Eligibility Criteria

JAMIA-TUR-RASHEED opened admission for 4 years degree level. This degree level is announced only for students who have 4 years degree already that is graduation and now they want to do course of ALAM. In Pakistan and all other countries have the talent of different kind of students who want to do course of ALAM and they have some basic knowledge about the ISLAM and some basics circumstances of ISLAM and if they want more then they are eligible.

Now first thing is highlighted from the institute and they announced that students who want to do this degree that kind of students do not need to do again master degree. This degree level is equal to the MA degree level. If any student who have degree of ISLAMIYAT and ARABIC and they think that if they do this degree then they can get more skills that kind of students are not eligible because they have already degree.

Now best impact of this degree is that if any student who want to know that this degree is attested or valid or not and students want to know that if they do this degree then how this degree give advantage to the students. This degree level is attested from the HEC and this university announced that this is 19th batch of this session and if any student who want to be the part of this sector then they are eligible. Now they want to learn how they can get admission in this session because this institute has a high merit and students of every type are able to apply for this session.

Jamia-Tur-Rasheed Admission 2021

Admission committee announced that this institute has a nice environment and every student if they think that they need more books for getting information then they can use the library and they can get all types of book from this site. Second thing is that if any person who are currently worker of any other organization and they want to do also this course and now they want to know that how they can get admission in this institute for the evening classes. This is tough thing at this situation. If they want to get any information about the prospectus and admission selection then they are eligible. Some students ask that if they also want to do HIFZ or other course then they are eligible or not.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria are that students who clear the BS degree like Arabic, ISLAMIYAT and other subjects and they have a DMC that is up to 2.5 CGPA then they are eligible.

If any student who do not read the syllabus from government or regular then they are eligible but they must be submit the NOC card and then they are eligible.

Most important thing is aptitude test that is too much important for admission of this session. If they pass this test and they have BS marks up to first division marks then they can get admission of this institute.

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