Jamia Tur Rasheed Admission Test Roll Number Slip 2022

Test roll number slip has been uploaded by the national testing system. This sector hires the NTS because they do not manage the load of students and now they announced that they can download the roll number slip from the site of national testing service. If they think that they can get roll number slip from this sector and at the valid time they can appear in test then it is not valid and they are not eligible.

One important thing is that if any student who thinks that due to any reason this sector does not do good with this student than they can blame to the institute and this is a big reason that students give examination to the NTS not institute. Some students think that they appear in the test of SAT and now they do not want to appear in this session then they are eligible for this test or not. This is not important because all types of sector have a separate mind and if any student who already fail in previous session and now they want to the roll number slip then they are eligible of this session.

For the roll number slip they must have two things one is CNIC and second is the password of 7 numbers. Some students want to know that they already hear that due to work load mostly days are in the mid of test and sector announced the test date. All students can get the roll number slip by informing the code that is in their message.

At that time one problem is that some students just apply it and then they wait for the roll number slip but they do not know roll number slip are not for those students who are not eligible. If any student is not eligible and on the other hand they also apply then they do not wait for the roll number slip. If they do not have SMS alert and their cell phone is closed at that time then NTS also inform to the students before three days of the test.

After roll number slip if they think that they can change the test center and time then they are not eligible. If they want to reach in valid time for the test then they are eligible otherwise they do not get admission in this session of this institute that is working according to ISLAM.

Jamia Tur Rasheed Admission Test Roll Number Slip 2022

For roll number slip they enter the password and mostly students do not know that what is password because they do not know at the time of registration in which place they enter the password.

For the security reason this sector announced that students who enter the cell number in the portal and they know that they have 11 digits of their cell phone then they just enter the phone number of last 7 digits.

Mobile code is not valid for roll number slip.

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