ISSB Test Result 2021 Check Online Free

Result of inter service selection board for the session 2021 has been announced. If any person who wants to check their result that kind of person click the link and get the result online without any cost. With the help of result, mostly candidates are selected for the next round and some of candidates do not join in the next round. Mostly candidates do know who they can check the result and how they download the result sheet in the form of Doc. All the information about the result is in the link. After the test, too much tough rounds are waiting for the candidates. Candidates who got good marks in the test that kind of candidates prepare him in the next round like medical test and interview.

  • The test of medical is not too much easy. Mostly men are not acceptable due to chest size and height.
  • Some of the candidates have the problems in their legs and hands.
  • Some of the candidates have the problem in their eye sight.
  • Weakness of eye sight is not bear in the field of Pakistan air force.
  • Some important skills like swimming and climbing’s are only in the Pakistan navy force sector.

How To Check Result

  • Candidates who give the test to the ISSB board and now they want to check the result that kind of candidates just click the link and they enter the code.
  • After some tine they got the result sheet with detailed marks.
  • Only ID card is important for checking the test result.
  • CNIC with dashes format is only accepted for checking the result.
  • If any person does not have ID card and they do not remember their ID card number that kind of candidates write the application and then they submit to the office.
  • With the help of application, ISSB find their data and they give him result sheet in their records.

Result Sheet

In the result sheet some important information are mentioned like

  • Candidate name
  • Father name
  • ID card number
  • Passing marks
  • Obtained marks
  • Total marks

After Result

  • After checking the result sheet, candidates can download it.
  • The printed result sheet is compulsory for the candidates who are passed.
  • Candidates just click the link and they got the result in printed format.
  • After the result, candidates are waiting for the merit list.
  • Selected candidates receive the message from the ISSB board and then candidates are appearing in the medical test.
  • If any candidate does not appear in the test at proper time then they are rejected.
  • With the help of application and any reason they do not again appear in the medical test.
  • If any candidate clear in the medical test round then they go return to their home and then they are waiting for the interview.
  • Required clothes and other important instruction for the interview are mentioned on the page.

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