Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) New Connection Status Check Online

Islamabad updated their portal for more options. One of the famous and best option is that now they can check that the status of their connection is start or not and if they are in the start position then how many days they need to cover the process of this session. With the help of that all kind of people do the fully work on it and now they know that when they have any issue in the electricity of their home and office then they do not need to find out any reference of that city and they can get this and they can apply for that.

Now the issue is that when people click on the option of status then they can get the options that is called sub-options of this portal and they want to know that people who need to get this that kind of people stay this page and they can get the information form that. Now first is that when they apply for that then they do not enter the application number accurately and sometime some of people who do not use it truly they just enter the code in the random sequence.

If they think that they need the code and then they work then they need to enter it in the proper form and if any person who think that they can enter the alphanumeric numbers on that and they think that they accept it and then they can get the status that kind of people do not get this and this is tough to understand this in this format. When they know that this is best to get it but they need to also know that they need to attached some documents that is too much important for that and if they think that they do not have the document in the scanned form and they apply online then they do not submit it by hand form.

Best part is that they first click this link and they can get this list that have the documents name that is too much important in this session and if they think that this is best time that they can change the status from rejected to accepted situation. They want to know that if they do not have one of the document that they demand for that and they need to get this that kind of people are eligible and they can upload it. If they are accepted then this is good and if they are not accepted to this portal then they do not get this that kind of people must be download the list of this that is best for their connection.

Status And Upload Documents

This is the page where they can get the information that how they can upload the documents and how they can check the final status of their connection that is too much best for that.

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