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Iqra Al-Quran Online Academy Admission 2023 Fee Structure

Iqra Al-Quran Academy announced admission for learning Quran of all types of students and people. Main objective of this academy is that to provide skills to the students about ISLAMIC rules. Some families do not live in Pakistan but they are all Muslims. All Muslims have a strong believe that at the age of 5 years they want to recite QURAN but families who are lived in different countries and they want to need some tutor for their children’s education that kind of students can get admission in this academy. Now this time, mostly families lived in Europe country and rules of Europe country is that Muslims do not do spread their Islamic rules to all other Muslims and mostly families have a small children and they want to hire some teacher who teach their children about Quran.

This academy announced that students who are lived in abroad and they want to get education of Islam that kind of students apply for admission and they can get admission easily. This academy is not for only small children they also for house wives and men who are new in Islam religion. Now this time, mostly Muslims accept that Islam is true religion and they also announced in their community is that now they are Muslims and they follow all rules of Islam that kind of people need tutor for education of Islam.

Mostly students who are in Australia and Canada and they want to get admission in this academy only for few time that kind of students click this link and get registration form for applying. Students who are in Pakistan and they want to get admission for different courses that kind of students are eligible. This academy announced that this academy two session. In one session, only one student can get education but in second session group of five students can get education in same class. Some students who afford the fees of separate classes and they want to get fully attention to their students that kind of students can apply on this base.

Iqra Al-Quran Online Academy Admission 2023

Students just download some Microsoft application for education and academy first tell you all rules and they then they take regular classes. Mostly students have a question that is females teacher are in this academy for teaching. Answer is yes, because house wives and other female’s students who want to get education that kind of student’s daily conducted class with the female teacher.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria are that students must submit their documents through online process.

If any student who do not submit their Visa or copy of passport but they want to get admission that kind of students are not eligible.

Some students who are not from Europe countries and they are from other countries that kind of students are eligible for admission.

How to Apply

Students apply only through online portal.

Students first selected courses and timing then they submit online admission form to the academy.

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