Information Technology University ITU Admission 2022

Information Technology University opened admission for session 2022. This university is only for that student who wants to become expert in computer sciences and information technology. With the help of this institute they can make their future and if any student who know about the computer and they want to get admission in this university for different degree levels of sciences subjects that kind of students are eligible and they can get admission if they have intermediate degree.

Some students whose age are too much little but at that stage they have too much attention to this field and they want to get knowledge for students of this session abut with this age they are not eligible. admission committee announced that this university take one best step for all students who are in thus world is that they provide all types of subjects contents and their lectures are published in the public and now all kind of students can download it at any stage of their age and if they think that they do not afford the fees of this university then they can pay too much least amount and they can get lectures of expert teachers of different kind of subjects.

Information Technology University ITU Admission 2022

Second is that if any student who want to know that if they can do BS degree from this university but at the last batch if their session is not completed due to virus or supply and the want to clear it but at that time admission date for this university for MS degree is ended then how they can get admission in this session. Best thing is that if they want to get admission then they can app;y through old process like they can get admission if they completed their 6 semesters and after the adding numbers of their whole marks they can get admission in this session. Admission committee announced that if they do not pass in this session of that subject then their registration is cancelled and they do not get admission in any more session.

For master degree and for exclusive degree of banking and business administration if any student who want to do this course from this university but before that they apply for other university with same merit that kind of students choose one at that time. if they choose this one they submit fee and then they can attend classes of this session.

Eligibility Criteria

According to limitations of seat this site announced that students who want to get admission in upper degree level and they want to support any help like test then they can appear in any test that is conducted outside the university and then they can add marks if they appear.

Second is that students who are clear in different certificates like CISCO and AWS and now they want to get admission in this session that kind of students can get admission easily through this diplomas but if they are not attested then they are not eligible.

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