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Importance and Significance of Fasting 9th and 10th Muharram

Importance of this month on the life of Muslims are very important and if any person who want to know that why Muslims give too much importance to this month and why they feel sad when this month is near to currently time that kind of person read this paragraph and then they can understand the importance and significance of this month. In first this is first month of Islamic year and at that times some of people who are Muslims they all know that they do not have any permission from ALLAH that they can celebrate of new year according to the other religion rule.

Some of Muslims are too much attached to this moth on the other hand all kind of Muslims have a believe that if they want to get JANNAT and they try best to remove their bad sins that is not express in the front of people but in reality mostly people do a lot of things that kind of person just do one thing they try to distribute different things in this month to the different kind of different people and if they have a lot of money than they can do best thing that is best for the humanity of their Society.

In this paragraph mostly people want to know that if they can keep fast on that day that is 10 Muharram then it is accepted or not and they also want to know that if they want to keep the fast to the whole month for the sake of Allah than how much they can get from the ALLAH. First is that ALLAH said that no any person in this world who try to do good work in life but some of the people who do not in their mind and they do some sins but at the end they feel ashamed on that work that kind of people have the best month that they request to ALLAH for forgiving their sins and best procedure is that they keep fast of two days that is 9th Muharram and 10 Muharram.

Next thing is that why mostly people do that things and some of people want to know that if they are not able to distribute amount or food to that day then how they can manage that day that have too much importance. It is not necessary that all kind of people do that kind of people if they do not have any amount then they can help other peoples on their work and if they think that they are empty hands than at that day they can arrange the stall of water and with that they provide water to the people.

Importance and Significance of Fasting 9th and 10th Muharram

Main thing is that at that day all kind of Muslims remembers the whole journey of KARBLA and all kind of Muslims are ready to sacrifice their life for the sake of ALALAH and Islam that is true religion.

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