HEC PostGraduate Scholarship 2022 For Fata And Baluchistan

Biggest scholarship network of Pakistan name as higher education commission announced scholarship for talented and intelligent students and students who want to start education of MS or M. PHIL from this month and now, they want to get admission in any university of Fata and Baluchistan that kind of students just click link and they can get admission with scholarship. In this year, due to virus some kinds of students are too much worried because they have a limited amount and they think that the just spend on it but due to virus all business and dreams are going to destroy and now mostly students just use their savings for their expenses.

Now problem is that if all students start taking admission and they pay their admission fee or first semester fee and at the time of next semester they do not have too much money for their next fee that kind of students feel the need of scholarship that’s why HEC announced that they give scholarship for students who want to get education of MS and M.PHIL. AT this time mostly students feel confusion that and they do not know government banned the degree of MS and then how they can announced the scholarship of MS.

HEC Post Graduate Scholarship 2022 For Fata And Baluchistan

First is that students who are enroll in this session and they do not get scholarship due to virus that kind of students can get scholarship but new students who are enroll in this year and they just apply for M. PHIL that kind of students are eligible and if they do not want to get scholarship on the base of needy then they can get scholarship on their talent. If we talk about the policy then we can say that all students first appear in test and then they again appear in interview but if they think that they are too much talented and they do not need to get any help from site that kind of students can directly apply for test and they can appear in test after some days. If any students who is now in the semester of third and they do not appear in test and at the previous time they do not get good marks and now they want to get chance for this year of scholarship that kind of students can get through this link.

Scholarship And Funds

Committee announced that all students who do not know about funds and they also do not know how they can get amount in installment that kind of students read this page and get all information about scholarship.

This scholarship helps students to pay the minimum fee that is 60000.

Students who want to live in hostel and they do not have too much money for their rent that kind of students can also get rent of minimum rate that is 9000.

Students who do not have citizen slip like domicile of FATA and Baluchistan and they want to get scholarship that kind of students are not eligible.

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