HEC Degree Attestation Fee & Procedure Online Free

Procedure for degree attestation fee and other rules are mentioned in page. Some students who want to verify their degree for only scholarship of other works that kind of students first understand all steps and then they take step for attestation. Higher education commission announced that students who want to check their degree and they also want to attest it that kind of students first pay attestation fee and then they are eligible for applying. In the past years, mostly students need their degrees for attestation and this institute supports him for all kind of student’s problems. Now this time, mostly universities announced result of final semesters and some of universities and affricated colleges give transcript to all kind of students.

Students of different category can verify their degree from this sector. Important thing is that students who have only transcript of their education certificate and they want to attested it from HEC that kind of students are not eligible because this sector only attested original degree. They do not attested DMC or transcript of any degree level. This sector announced that if any students want to get urgent degree for attestation that kind of students pay urgent fee and then they submit important documents to office.

Now there are two options for only students who want to do attest their documents. First option is that student’s visit site and they submit online documents and second option is that they just apply for attestation through online but they submit their degrees through by hand.

Why We Attested Documents Or Degrees From HEC

Mostly students who are new in professional life and they do not know about policy of attestation that kind of students just click this link and they get complete video for procedure.

Some students have dream to visit foreign country and they want to complete their other degrees from foreign universities but due to any issue all universities announced that they first attested their documents and then they are able for admission.

Fees of Attestation

There are two ways for attesting their documents. One is that students just want to attest their documents in regular duration but some students do not have enough time for attestation.

Regular fee for attestation of any degree is 700 RS.

Urgent fee for attestation degrees is 1000 RS.

Some students are confused which degrees are eligible and which degrees are not eligible.

  • BS
  • BSC
  • MA
  • MSC
  • MS
  • PHD
  • ED
  • ED

These are degrees that are eligible for attestation through higher education commission.

How to Attest

Students first go to site and then they click option of online attestation.

After that they click option of fee and then they submit fee in bank for attestation.

Student fill online form for attestation and then they scan their degrees to online box.

If any students does not upload their pictures or degrees due to large size that kind of students resize it and then they upload.

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