Health Aid College of Nursing & Health Sciences Admission 2022

Admission of health and college of nursing and health sciences has been announced. Students who are female and they want to get course of nursing fr0m food institute but they do not choose good institute from all various cities that kind of students choose this institute for their courses. This institute announced that all kind of departments of nursing and training centers are working in this institute. Mostly girls who have too much low marks in matriculation but they do not know too much skills for starting their carrier that kind of students click this link and get admission details of this university. Now this time, mostly students who cleared their medical sciences field in intermediate degree level but they do not have any idea about medical universities that kind of students clink this link and they can get all types of medical universities and affricated colleges of medical sciences. Some students who are much better in study as compare to other and they want to get admission in this college for only department of DPT that kind of students are eligible and they can able for applying in this institute of this course.

Important announcement is that this institute has a field of BS in nursing but now this time all seats are full and now this institute announced that no any student of any quota and regular category can get admission in this course. Students who do not know about eligibility criteria of this institute and some courses that kind of students first check eligibility criteria because if any student does not fulfill requirements to the institute according to education that kind of students is not able for admission. Some courses are only for females.

Health Aid College of Nursing And Health Sciences Admission 2022

Health Aid College of Nursing & Health Sciences Admission 2022

List of Departments

  • DPT 5 years
  • BS in nursing 4 years
  • BS in public health 4 years
  • Certified nursing assistant 2 years course
  • Community Midwife course 2 years

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for DPT department are that students must have degree of intermediate and they must have matriculation degree with 60 percent marks. If degree is not attested from any government institute that kind of students are not eligible.

Admission committee announced that students who do not have 50 percent marks in intermediate for only degree of BS that kind of students cannot able for admission of this session.

Students must have 45 percent marks in matriculation if they want to get education of 2 year courses.

How to Apply

This institute has a facility of online process but mostly students refer that student who is fresh that kind of students can get admission easily through manual process.

Some students who do not arrange their documents for admission in proper time but they have fully eligible for admission that kind of students are not eligible.

This institute has a rule that all students can get further facilities from institute but students who got admission in self-finance seat that kind of students cannot use some facilities.

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