Happy Place Group Of School Admission 2021 Last Date Apply

Happy place group of school for all campuses is main project of Cambridge Assessment international school. There are 30 plus campuses in Pakistan and now all campuses announced admission of this session. First is that studentwanted to know that where main campus and they is also wanted to know that how students can get education in their early stage? Students and parents who read the whole information and after that they have a lot of question about fee and admission policy and some students who know about standard of school and they just find out admission form that kind of students are eligible and they can get admission form without any fee.

In Pakistan every big city has a campus and interested students who just want to get admission but they have a main aim that they just want to get admission in main campus that is in Punjab province that kind of students search in the internet and they see that all campuses are same and all staff members are connected through online portal. Some students just want to know that how any teachers are in one campus and they also want to know that only one teacher is hired for whole class.

Happy Place Group Of School Admission 2021

Best thing is that this school has a rule that they do not adopt the policy of time passing due to high standard of education of this school all teachers are expert in one subject and if any student create personal attachment with any teacher then they can write application to class in charge and then they can get education from that teacher.

All types of campuses of boys and girls announced admission from play group to class nine and they also announced that students who want to get admission in ninth class and they also want to get admission in any academy then they just apply for school admission and after that they realize that they do not need any extra coaching classes.

Students who are too much little but they have any experience from different school and now they want to get admission in this session that kind of students do not need for oral test but if they have good skills and they are active then they can get admission in good session. Some students are from other school and they just want to appear in board examination of 8th class but they do not find out best institute who is registered and they can easily do enrolment to board that kind of students are eligible and they can get admission.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for play group students are that they do not need any certificate but they are active and they win any online competition that kind of students can submit and with the help of this competition they can continue practice of their good skills that is too much important in life.

Passed students with 60 percent marks in middle examination can apply for 9th class.

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