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GAT Test Schedule 2023 Registration Form Download

National testing service who is responsible for the whole examination system of Punjab province. This test sector announced that 8 August is the date when number of students check the status of their ability and they can also give the examination that is called GAT test. In this paragraph we can get all types of information about the test and test date and why it is important after the degree. Some of the students think that this is typical thing that is examination or test for every student and they think that when they read syllabus of all previous examination then why this sector announced condition for new admission it is compulsory test for all students.

First, we discuss that why it is too much important and what is the basic role of this test. First of all, students know that education system has too much crisis and now if they want to get admission in any other university for post-graduate degree that kind of students first pass GAT test and then they are eligible. This is main thing that students do not understand because they think that this is minor stage and they think that if they do not clear it then they can choose the second sector for job and admission. Students who want to do PHD degree and if they want to do degree of engineering on the MS degree level but it is important that they must be appear and then they can get admission.

Graduate Assessment Test Registration 2023

Second one is that if any student who want to know that if they pass this test and at that time no any university or college do not open the admission at that time and now they want to know that this test result is valid from at the time of admission or not. This committee announced that this is eligible but only the years of 2. If they think that they pass this test with good marks and due to major reason, they do not apply it then they are eligible only at the years of 2 and then they are eligible.

Now students want to know that why this is compulsory. If they do not pass this test and if they do not appear on this test then they do not get admission in the government university.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria are that at least they passed in the degree level of sixteen and if they do not have sheet like they are student but they do not have result sheet then they do not feel any worry and they can apply for this test.

If any student who appear in the test but due to any reason they do not pass this test and after that they want to payback their money than they are not eligible and they do not pass in the test.

If they appear in test in their first time and now they again appear for improving their marks then they are eligible.

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