Govt College Of Technology Abbottabad Fee Structure 2023 – AdmissionPK

Govt College Of Technology Abbottabad Fee Structure 2023

Government college of technology uploaded their expenses list and they also announced the fees of this session. this is time and session when students need to get information that they are eligible for that or not but now they can click this link and they can get admission in this session on that type. First is all some students think that they first check the fee and then they can take the best decision according to their pocket but at this time they do not know that they pay the fee as like admission processing fee.

This college has the rule and they announced that in one time when they deposit the fee of any category and they think that now they need to refund and they do not need to get study form this that kind of students do not need to apply for that. Students want to know that some students apply for admission of this session and they pay fee that is different but as compare to the students of quota and when they pay the fee that is also differ then students want to know that when they announced the fee that is not equal in both sides.

Admission committee announced the student who is from quota and when they apply then they need to get discount that’s why this college give them a discount that is too much important in this session.

Govt College Of Technology Abbottabad Fee Structure 2023

Some students want to know that when they notice in many colleges then they see that all kind of departments and all kind of colleges has the different tuition fee but they want to know that is this college has the rule that all classes have same fee or not. First is that every student has a different category and when we see that this is like and in previous record they also got education in scholarship and they do not afford the fees of this session then they can pay the fee that is not too much high but when they have low marks then they pay complete fee of this session and of one month.

When they got admission in this session then they are too much happy and at this they decided that they can make the registration card for their identity but at that time they do not see that how many fees they can charge for that and how many amounts they need to pay for this cared. If they think that they need to get this card for special purpose and they think that they can pay it thoroughly as soon as possible that kind of students are eligible and they pay 200 RS for that.

Govt College Of Technology Abbottabad  Fees

This is facility that they can pay the fee on this bank and they also mentioned the bank name in the voucher that they can get this at any time and then they need to verification for this amount then they can enter code in this link.

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