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Government Deaf & Defective Hearing School Admission 2023

Under the supervision of Punjab special education this school announced admission. Students who are disable from hearing and they do not understand the concept of any think with normal range that kind of students are eligible for this admission and students who do not perform well in their life that kind of students can get admission and they can apply. In the past, mostly families feel that their child does not speak and hair well and they need to get proper awareness with the help of education that kind of students can apply and they can get awareness through this page.

This school is located in Lahore city and on the other hand student who want to get admission and they are not from this city then they can apply and they can get admission with transport facility. Some students got education from small branches and they do not get proper gadgets and other things that kind of students can apply and only girls can apply for this school. If any boy has any issue like that and they want to get admission then they can get list of boy’s campuses and then they can get admission on that campus.

Government Deaf & Defective Hearing School Admission 2023

Mostly students want to know that special education has a unique sector and they have a lot of facilities then why government announced that students can also get admission in this session of this school and they also want to ask that if any student who do not fulfill the requirements of education and on the other hand, they have problem of hearing then they are eligible or not. First is that this sector is not based on result and important is that what the aim of this school or why this school need as compare to other campuses.

First students who are paralyze and they are not able to understand it that kind of students can get admission in special education but when they do not speak then they need some special more school who look after all students and they also get education from this school.

Some of parents are too much worried and they do not know that how they can manage the expenses of their fees because they give more money to their disease and now new budget are ready for education but that kind of students do not feel any problem this institute announced admission without any fee. Admission committee of this School announced that students who do not have uniform and they do not get books that kind of students can get books free and they can also get uniform of their own size.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria are that students who want to apply they must have certificate of disability and if they do not submit the report then they are not eligible of this session.

If any student passed out in previous class, then must submit documents as soon as possible.

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