Government College Of Technology For Women Lahore Admission 2021

For technical fields admission is announced. Students who have an interest of education of technical and they are also female that kind of students are eligible and they can get admission in this college that is made for girls. If anyone who need to know that they have admission category of fashion designing and other kind of courses then they are eligible to get admission in this session or not.

Admission committee announced that if any student who do compare with the college of boys and if they think that they have a lot of technologies field in that college and they have few departments that kind of students are not eligible and they see that like that any other degrees are added to this session.

Admission committee announced that when students have a lot of options to choose any degree then why they are worried about admission policy of this session and admission committee announced the notification that is good news for students. They announced that according to news of admission they can get admission without any external or internal merit and they can get admission only one base that they can come first and they can get admission in one time in their history.

Government College Of Technology For Women Lahore Admission 2021

All times this institute has heavy merit but at that time they announced that no any student can get admission if they do not apply for that before these days. Students want to know that they are girls and they want to get admission in this session but they think that it is possible that like boys they can also trained all students of this campus on different machines or not.

Admission committee announced that if they see the profile then they can note that students who are girls they do work in different machines and if anyone whose performance are too much good and they want to join work in the outer part of institute then this institute allows to that students that they can work at any place.

It is difficult to apply for the girls who do not know anything and they think that if they do not manage the time of classes and they have any issues in education and their classes then this institute supports the students or not. First is that after admission they want to know about rules but when they can get all information then they do not need to scare any other thing or rules.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for technology departments are different but if they want admission in fashion side then they can get admission on 50 percent marks.

Some students want to know that when they do I.COM from any institute and after that they can also do the D.COM from this institute but now they change just institutes then they are eligible or not. They are eligible but only one condition need to require for admission is that they are clear in all subjects of I.COM.

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