Government College Of Technology Bannu Admission 2021

Admission has been announced for all districts. This is news that students who are from any district of Pakistan and they want to get admission without limitation of this session of some seats that kind of students are eligible and they can get education of DAE degree level. In this session one of most important thing is that if any student who want to do diploma of 3 year with their practical work and they think that they can choose one category that is best according to their time then students can submit application and they can get admission in technology programs.

Some of students are too much take interest and the think that after class of matriculation they can get admission in this plan that have 3 years diploma that kind of students see the last date of this session and then they are eligible to submit application with fee of application. Next thing is that students who know that they want to do computer hardware program and they think that it is not important that they need to do first matriculation with computer science subjects that kind of students are eligible but it is better thing that they can apply for admission on the based of strong marks.

Government College Of Technology Bannu Admission 2021

Now admission committee announced that due to large number of students and due to heavy marks of students of this session they need to announced that all students who want to check that but they do not know that this college announced admission on based of districts and marks. First is that they announced that they have two parts one is that they announced admission in morning session and second thing is that they announced admission in evening session of this college but now students are too much confused that how they can take decision that they need to do this way or that way and they also want to know this site will be mentioned the list of all districts that are eligible for admission of this session.

Some of departments are announced admission in morning session and they announced that those students are eligible who are from BANNU District and if they do not have any district then they need to get admission in evening session. All the same rules and other things are same to this session.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria are that students who have degree of matriculation with accurate board and they want to apply for admission of this session then it is important that their marks status are up to second division of this session and if they think that they have low marks then they can apply for evening session.

Students want to know that if they have low marks but on the other hand they have district of BANNU then they are eligible for morning session or not and admission committee they are not eligible because they do not fulfill the option of marks of this session.

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