GCU Lahore BS English Merit List 2022 Check Online Free

All departments uploaded their own merit lists. Students who know about the GCU Lahore and they want to get admission after examination of intermediate that kind of students are eligible but first they complete check merit list and then they take final decision that they achieve seat or left seat. The main confusion is that some students think that GCUL an d GCUF is the same thing and they also think that if they apply for one university then automatically it applied for both that kind of students are not eligible who think like that. First is that GCUL is different thing and their aim is to give admission to the top ranked students.

In the past it is famous that students who are from any school and when they passed examination of matriculation with good marks then they have big option is that they can take admission in GC Lahore. It is big opportunity for students who already have degree of GC Lahore and they know about the standard of this degree level. At that students who want to know about the classification of English and they also want to know that after some short courses they can get admission or not.

GCU Lahore announced that students who are form Punjab province and it’s not important for any province but if they do not apply for admission test and if they do not maintain eligibility criteria that kind of students are not eligible. Now most important thing is that students who think that they just do IELTS course after intermediate and at the place of intermediate and then they can get admission that kind of students are not eligible and they do not apply on IELTS test. Second is that if any student who do not know about the MS and PHD degree level of English subject then they can click link and they can also check merit list of this session at that time. Students whose basic subjects are arts and now they want to continue their degree with English language that kind of students are eligible and they can also get merit list of this session.

Admission committee announced that if any student who has any supply in this session and if they do not pass in admission test of any other session and now at that time they want to apply for this session then they are eligible but only base on one condition that is they must be clear in English subject.

GCU Lahore BS English Merit List 2022

Now we talk about the merit list of this session of only English degree level. According to new rule result of admission test is uploaded before merit list and students who do not check result before merit list then they can check and then they download merit list.

After merit list if any student needs any support and if they do not understand any other problem then they can contact through this page for their problem.

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