FC College (Forman Christian College) Merit List 2021

FC is the private college and after the matriculation mostly students prefer to this institute. Someone who know that this institute is not made for the Muslims but with the passage of time when all types of students know that this college is of the Christian community then they take decision that they do not get admission in this institute but now when they can check that the name of this institute is only on the best of Christian and in the entire system rules and regulation are according to the other institutes.

Some of the students who are not form the Lahore and they do not know about this college and now they want to get information because they wish to get admission in this session. First thing is that if any student who do not have any high marks but they have up to 45 marks then they are eligible. On the other hand, if they do not have 45 percent marks and they think that they can get admission on the degree of FSC then it is not possible. At that time mostly, students want to read syllabus independent and they just want the environment in which they just learn the self-study and after that when they appear in test then they know that how many marks they can get in this session.

Second is that who is most important is that students who want to do ICS and at that time they think that they can read the book of physics or not that kind of students first manage the mind and they already select the subject then they are eligible. Now students are not good in Physics and on the other hand if they think that they just do the degree of matriculation with physics and now they want to do intermediate with Statistics or other subjects than they are eligible and they can get admission in this session.

Some students who think that like other colleges first they read the Punjab syllabus and then they also go to the academy for preparation or revise the course that kind of students are not eligible and they do not do in this institute because according to the timetable and according to manage the syllabus no any student feel burden in this session.  If they feel that they do not accept this burden then they can change the class and they can get admission in other class of same degree level.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria are that students who want to get admission in this FC college and now they want to get the admission on this session. Students just open the site and if they have an issue at the time of admission then they can contact to the helpline and then they can solve the solutions.

Second is that they are eligible if they have result sheet of Matriculation or the result sheet of ninth class.

For admission form they can contact to the admission committee.

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