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Essay On Kashmir Issue | Kashmir Issue Essay Check Online

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Kashmir Issue

Pakistan faces different types of issued but this issue is very important for life of Kashmir people. Hindu government and other supported countries of India decided that they do not leave Kashmir at any reason. Pakistan always speak about braver of Kashmir people now this time Hindu government do wrong decision about Kashmir and terrific situation is that INDIA closed all supply of foods and water who are for Kashmir people. Pakistan government request to different countries that they said to India government that they stop lockdown and they do not beat Kashmir people. Prime minister of Pakistan tries their best to make deal with Indian government about Kashmir but Indian government do not accept offer of Pakistan.

Now this time prime minister of India attacks to Kashmir people and they try their best that all Muslims do not enter in Pakistan. In past Pakistan and Kashmir live in same state but due to any reason Pakistan fight with India and they discover new city that name is AZAD KASHMIR. India government announced that if any people who want to go AZAD KASHMIR without any permission that kind of person face different kind of difficulties and punishment that are announced by Indian government.

Now this time Hindu government announced that they attack in Pakistan and they do a challenge to Pakistan army that they said that India attacked in Pakistan whole country with their atomic bomb. Kashmir government and Pakistan government make contact and they do signature in this contract that Kashmir government do not accept any deal of India.

Transport And Other Issues

Now this time situation is too much tough. Pakistan government tries their best to do discussion about Kashmir in different countries that are too much near with India. Some country who have business relation with India government and they requested that please do not do too much behavior with people of Kashmir. Hindu government always said that they do not perform any bad thing in Kashmir and they make fake videos of Kashmir and then they uploaded in different international social media like twitter. Pakistan government announced that on day of 5 Feb all kind of persons and all kinds of people who are always active in social media that kind of students protest against Hindu government.

Why Pakistan Need This State

Mostly international and other type of people who are not Muslims and they always said that why Pakistan government try their best to get this state. Answer is that Kashmir is Muslims state and in Kashmir majority is Muslims and international council decided that they arrange big meeting about topic of Kashmir and all countries are invited for this meeting. Pakistan wants justice for people of Kashmir and every person wants to live free life in their country.

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