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Eid Ul Fitar Ka Namaz Prany Ka Tarkia In Urdu

Aal procedure of NAMAZ and every information about Islamic religion is available in page. Now in this time little children who do not know how they can start the prayer of EID UL FITAR and they also do not know how many steps are too much important for prayers. Some of the children who are just only the age of 8 to 10 years and they have too much interest to offering the prayer and they try best to learn the procedure of NAMAZ that kind of students click link and they can get all information about prayers and EID UL FITAR NAMAZ. First is that all Muslims know importance of this month and every Muslim try best to left ad deeds and do good deeds because if they do not leave bad works and they continuously doing bd works then they do not get the right way of success and ALLAH said if any person who want to remove their bad deeds from ALLAH, then they stop doing bad work and they just speak truth and doing good deeds.

In this year every Muslims know that how they live with SOPS and all types of Muslims has a believe that all people do not stop going into Masjid and if any person who think that if they went to Masjid for NAMAZ and they think that virus can be affected at that time that kind of person do not need to think like that waste things and if they are Muslim and they want to get best way for their success that kind of person do not feel scare of virus and they daily offer NAMAZ in Masjid. Now the month of RAMADAN Is going to be end and every Muslim start preparation for EID and ever person who are men and they want to get new clothes for EID NAMAZ that kind of person must be wear tradional suit like SHALWAR SUIT.

If any person who do not pay the FITARAN and they think that they can offer the prayer of EID that kind of people think wrong because it is important that all family members and all persons who are in the family and they want to pay FITARANA but they do not know about the exact amount of FITARANA that kind of people click link and they can get all information and they can also get exact figure of amount that is too much important for EID.

Procedure Of Namaz

Every country has a special rule but procedure of EID is same for all Muslims and if any person who want to get some information about EID and they think that without any training and without any earning process they can offer NAMAZ that kind of people first watch the video and then they can see that how they are difficult. Second is that people wear mask and they must be wear cap on head and then they can follow the rules of ISLAM.

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