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Eid Ul Adha Qurbani Ki Dua In Urdu For All Muslims

EID UL ADHA is celebrated on 10th ZIL-HAJ. In Pakistan and other Muslim’s countries celebrated this holy occasion with full of joy and happiness and best thing is that with the help of this occasion every Muslim understand the feelings of love and sacrifice. In this page, we will discuss about EID and their Prayer and at the end of the page we learn about the pray of the QURBANI. Before that we want to tell you that this day every Muslim sacrifice their best and loveable animals for the sake of Allah and some of the people think that this is just a SADQA or ZAKAT but on the other hand this not like that because Allah said that every Muslim who face their expenses easily and they have a lot of money in the form of savings and then they do not sacrifice their best thing for the sake of ISLAM then that kind of Muslim do not love with ALLAH because they do not have a heart to distribute their wealth for the sake of ALLAH.

Most important thing is that at the time of QURABN mostly people follow different types of wrong rules and they think that they just bought the animal and then they sacrifice and then they complete their duty but this is not true if they do not follow the complete rules and all SUNAT then they do not do QURBANI with HILAL way.

First thing is that every Muslim wait for the FAJAR NAMAZ and after that they can sacrifice the animal for the sake of ALLAH and some of the people who are expert and who are Butcher and they want to earn just money at that time that kind of people do not do QURBANI before the FAJR and EID prayer.

Eid Ul Adha Qurbani Ki Dua In Urdu

Now mostly people want to know that it is important that when they sacrifice the animal then they must be read prayer at that time and mostly people ask question that if any person who do not read this prayer and then they do QURBANI then this way is valid or not. First is that PROPHET teaches us all ways of QURBANI and he said that if any person who do not read this special DUA at the time of QURBANI then this is not a valid way of QURBANI. It is important that first person or butcher read the DUA and then do QURBANI.

Dua And Procedure Of Qurbani

DUA is mentioned in page and if any person who want to get translation of this DUA and they want to get FAZELAT of this DUA that kind of people click link and they can get all types of advantages and other information about this DUA.

Some of the people do not know that how they can distribute the mean to their relatives and need people. If they want to get information then they first read the paragraph and then they can get complete procedure.

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