Eid Ul Adha Namaz Ka Tarika In Urdu Complete Free

Steps for performing the prayer of EID is mentioned in page. All Muslim countries and all types of Muslim of different groups can follow the rule of Islam and then they can pray for the community of Muslims. First is that mostly people like youth want to learn that how they can perform the prayer of EID. Mostly people thin k that this is just a simple prayer and some of the person thinks that if they do not perform Eid prayer then they can do QURBANI but they are not the right direction. Allah said that every Muslim who is normal and they can afford the expenses of QURBANI and then they do not perform the EID PRAYER that kind of people do not do good because if they do not thanks to Allah for their blessings then Allah do not need your money and not your QURBANI.

Now we discuss about the procedure of NAMAZ but before that every Muslim follow some rules and then they can do QURBANI and if they think that they do not do nothing and then they can easily complete their duty that kind of people just lice in the dark life that is too much different in the next stage of life. First step is that every person who want to but the animal and they want to sacrifice on the name of ALLAH that kind of people do not cut their nails and do not cut their hair before the 10 days of EID. This is not the exact duty for all Muslims but HAZRAT MUHAMMAD PBUH said that if any person wants to do like this and they follow the life of MUHAMMAD PBUH then they can easily live life with full of joy and without hurdles. Some of the person thinks that they do not follow the rules and due to strong reason, they do not follow rules then they can perform the prayer of EID.

Eid Ul Adha Namaz Ka Tarika In Urdu

Most important thing is that every Muslims who want to perform the prayer of EID and they have a lot of money in their life that kind of people just do the best step before the NAMAZ and then they can perform EID that is distribute some money to the poor and needy people.

Procedure For Namaz

There are many steps but if any person who can afford all things and they want to follow all steps then they can get lot of blessings from ALLAH.

First is that all people wear white dress because Prophet likes white suit and every person try best to do MASWAK before the EID.

Second is that if any person can afford the ATAR or PERFUJEM without ALCHOL then they can use.

There are six RAKATS of EID and keep it mind one thing is that no any person does not perform Eid prayer without any IMAM. If any person who thinks that before performing the prayer they can do QURBANI that kind of people just sacrifice their animal not they do QURBANI.

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