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Dua for 9th & 10th Muharram For All Muslims

Short and longs DUA’s for 9th and 10th Muharram are available in this site. Mostly people who are from the community of SHIA and they think that on the other hand all types of Muslims have a belief that if that day if any person who distribute the food and other things like drink to the poor and helpless people then they do good deed and they can get best reward from the ALLAH. If any people who think that in those days they keep the fast and they all day read the QUARAN and other ISLAMIC books for the knowledge of that day then they can use this site and they can read all types of books without any charge. People who are Muslims and now at that day they want to read different DUA for that day then they can get all DUAS from this page.

First mostly youth and the students who are in the middle and primary class and they want to know that at that day why all types of Muslims are sad and why at this day Muslims feel that they need some help for their best life. At that day all types of Muslim try best to keep the fast and some of the people are confused at the time of 9th Muharram because they think that if they keep fast at that day then it is compulsory that they also keep the fast on 10th Muharram. If any person who want to get details and they also want to know that what is the exact timing of the fast then they can click link and at that day they can also get the special DUAS that has too much advantages in the life of person.

Second is that we note that at the day of 10th Muharram mostly people go to the Graveyard and they pray for the Jannat of their relatives. If any person who want to get the DUA that is read in the graveyard for their love relation than they can read it online. Other thing is that best plan is that if any person who do not have too much money but they want to do something at that day because they think that if they spread the amount or foods to the people then they do SADQA that is too much important in the life of people.

DUA For 9th Muharram

This is best DUA for this day but if any person who think that they just read that DUA and after that they just wait for the reward from the side of ALLAH then they do more wait because if they do wait more then they can get best reward.

Procedure to read this DUA is that Muslims do not speak to anyone when they read this DUA and when they complete the counting according to the DUA then they can drink water at the end and then this procedure is completed.

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