Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad Ph.D Fellowship at UMT University 2021

Admission with fellowship is announced in university of management and technology. Master degree passed students who have ability to get chain of success and now they can get opportunity to get a golden chance for PHD degree that kind of students are eligible and they can get admission in this university with fully funded scholarship. Due to research and due yo knowledge this university take a decision that they do not give total money to the students at one time and if any student need then they apply for scholarship amount and then they can get money.

First is that students want to know that basically what the UMT wants and they also want to know that this is top private ranked university then how poor students pay the fee of all semester and thesis expenses. Admission committee of this university and some scholarship sectors connected and they announced that students do not need to pay any fee to the university because in this session this degree is fully free and students just learn that how to serve their knowledge in the front of people.

Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad PhD Fellowship at UMT University 2021

One most important is fellowship and some students do not know what is fellowship and they also want to know that if this is supporting part of students then committee tell them how students can adopt this fellowship. First students understand concept the fellowship and then they can choose that they want to get or not.

Basically fellowship mean that university appointed for any post on the duration of degree and students also get pay from university and then they also read syllabus of their degree level. Students want to ask that if they work like an employee then how they can complete syllabus of this degree level. This is not a big deal. Students in the morning time do job and at the time of afternoon they can get classes of syllabus and in the same time and in the same sector they can do both work.

Students know very well about the standard of university and they also know that without any test no any student can get admission in this session but due to virus this university announced that students just apply for GAT test and then they are eligible. If they pass in GAT test then they are eligible and if they do not pass then they do not apply for refunding the money that is fixed for prospectus.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria are that students must be passed with first division and their marks are up to 3.5 CGPA in this session. If they want to change subjects or degree but after changing the degree some subjects are matched then they are eligible and if they do not then they do not apply for admission.

If student has an age difference and their age is up to 30 years old but on the other hand they have some supplies in previous degree level that kind of students are not eligible.

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