Divisional Public School & College Faisalabad Admission 2021 Clas VI

DPS and college announced admission of Faisalabad main boy’s campus. Students who are boys and they want to get admission in sixth class with merit that kind of students can apply and then they prepare for admission test. Government of Pakistan makes than 100 schools in all cities and now this time they announced admission of only sixth class. Students who do not have any idea about syllabus but they want to appear in admission test of this session that kind of students click this link and get detailed information about subjects and test. This school is very best because all qualified teachers who are appointed through PPSC are in this school and this school has all facilities for intelligent and hard working students. This school only refers that those students who are live in Faisalabad or around villages. Due to high security and good environment mostly students of different cities apply for admission and best thing is that this school has only limited seats for only boy’s campus. This school has girl’s campus but now this time their seats are full and after some duration they opened their admission.

Mostly students are too much worried because they recently appear in board examination and if they want to get admission in this school then they also appear in admission test. All students who do not understand all syllabus of different books and they ask different questions from school that kind of students can write their questions in comment box and they can submit online for information about test. Admission test is compulsory for students who want to get admission in sixth class. Some students who are already fail in previous session and then they repeat fifth class again that kind of students is eligible. Students who are already registered in this school and they do all classes from this school that kind of students do not submit admission fee to admission office of this school.

Divisional Public School & College Faisalabad Admission 2021

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for admission are that students submit their result sheet and then they are eligible.

Students who do not submit their total documents to school that kind of students do not get roll number slip from this school.

If any student do not submit clearance form of previous class or previous school that kind of students are not eligible. Mostly students do not have clearance form but they have SLC that kind of students are eligible.

Admission schedule

  • Last date for submission application form is 04-03-2021
  • Test date for admission is 04-04-2021

Students who do not receive their roll number before the examination that kind of students can contact from school through this link.

How to apply

This is not so modern school that’s why all students visit school and they can get admission form from school. If any student does not visit school due to any reason that kind of students download admission form from this site.

List of important documents is mentioned in page.

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