The admission of DOW University of health sciences for the field of medical officer (MBBS) has been announced. This University is the Government University and now this university announced the admission of 5 years programs with low merit students. Students of Pakistan who want to get admission in the city of Karachi that kind of the students select this university for the MBBS. In Pakistan, every student of medical sciences want to get admission in the MBBS but the bad thing is that they do not have too much high marks in their intermediate degree level. The intermediate degree level marks are too much important for the MBBS.

  • This university has many departments and all the departments are opened for admission. If any student wants to check the details of the department that kind of the student click the link and download the list of departments. More than 6 colleges are affricated with this university. The degree of MBBS is verified from the Pakistan medical commission. Some of the students who have 90 percent marks and they want to get admission in this university that kind of the students got the admission with 80 percent discount of the tuition fee.
  • Some of the universities have a semester system and some of the universities have an annual system. The field of MBBS is depending on the annual system.
  • The fee structure of MBBS is mentioned on the page. Only admission fee and library fee is paid in the first semester. If any student wants to get the details of content that kind of the students click the link and get the PDF file of contents.

Dow University Of Health Sciences MBBS Admission 2021

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the MBBS field is that

  • Students have the degree of intermediate in the medical sciences field with 60 percent marks.

Admission portal

  • University announced that if any student wants to get admission in this university that kind of student’s first register in the portal and then they are eligible for the login.
  • All the process is now on the online portal.
  • Students submit all the assignments and uploaded all the quizzes are on the portal.
  • Students login the portal and then they apply for the MBBS field.
  • The important thing is that in the admission form, students manually insert some important instructions.
  • Students enter the discipline and students enter the program in the admission form.
  • After that students fill all the requirements.
  • Some of the universities have the requirement that they need MDCAT result but in this university does not need MDCAT test.
  • After submitting the form, students download the fee slip of admission and they pay in the bank.
  • The important announcement is that students download the applied admission form and then attached all the documents to the applied form.
  • After the last date of admission, students can download the merit list for the selected students.