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Difference between O level and Matriculation

Difference between O level and Matriculation will be the main topic of the day. Most of the people are always confusing about what is O level and why they should do O level study. Few benefits are many other things will be discussed on this page.  In case of having some leisure then should read out while article. Now without wasting your time lets move towards given below paragraphs and explore what is difference between O level and matriculation study in Pakistan.

First we will check out their definitions and after that we will move towards their difference as well as we will discuss on what should you choose and what will be the benefit of which course.

Matriculation Study in Pakistan

After 8th class to 10th class you get admissions in some school which is recognized by Board of province. It is handled at either province level or national level. Students studying in 10th class in Matriculation will get certificate from the education board of Pakistan. Their all the matters will handle locally from their board. Suppose you are studying from Lahore Board so the final exams will be organized by Punjab Board of Secondary education Lahore. Even if you are studying from Federal Board still you are handled at national level which is leading from Capital of Pakistan (Islamabad).

O level study in Pakistan

O level is recognized by Cambridge Assessment International Education. All the matters are handled directly from Cambridge International Education. Paper designed for O level students is always out of course as the main motive of O level is to examine the ability of students and polish them for their better future. O level is an international certificate as you can say it is global certificate and you can apply it anywhere in this world.

Now what should you choose is the main question. So there is thing difficult in it. If you thing that you have some ability to do something then do with O level. Be a lion and examine your ability before going to hunt anything. Examine yourself by talking to other. Explore your knowledge and if you thing you can do better than O level will be the best thing for you. Doing Matriculation will also not bad. Being a good student anywhere will lead you to success. Do whatever you want but do best in that thing where else you are.

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