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All types of DUA that is used in daily life have been mentioned in this site. Every person who is young that is male and they want to know that when the person is die then how many work they do and they also want to know that how many DUA’s that they need to read that kind of people can get through this page. First is that all kind of people are in this country and if we talk about the whole Muslims community then very kind of person read the DUA in QBARSTAN when they enter and when they are near stand to the graveyard.

Some of people who are scholar and they know that what is the want to do and how they can complete this work but some of people who do not know anything that kind of people can read this completely and then they can do it when they need to read it on any spot. Mostly girls who think that at the time of JANAZA they do not come to the graveyard and they think that when they went to the graveyard after sometime that kind of girls read the DUA that is mentioned in this page.

Second is that some small child who do not know about these things and they think that when they want to meet their relatives in Graveyard and they think that they want to read some holy things that they read and then ALLAH forget their all bad work that they do in their life.  Now the point is that how they can read this and they also want to know that if they do not have any age to remember this and they think that this is tough thing that kind of person keep the holy book and they can read it through this book.

First that when they see that at the time of JANAZA they do some work then the best thing is that they stop the work and they just stand up and read the first KALMA. Some of people who think that when the dead body is enter in the graveyard then no any living person can do for that on the other hand if they read some DUA and they can do the best things on the name of that  person then they can good in their final round that is too much tough.

Dfnany Waqt Aur Bad Ki Dua

For the DUA this is important thing is that they wear the safe and clean clothes and then they need to recite the DROOD who has the power that ALLAH likes this and then dead body feels well in the graveyard.

Now the second thing is that when all types of people who are in the graveyard at that time then they need to recite the Holy Quran and at the end they read all the things like AYTAL KRUSI and all kind of DUAS that are in their mind.

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