COMSATS Labour Quota Scholarship or Admission Under Punjab Worker Welfare Board 2021

Department of worker welfare fund invites students of labor workers of industries and mines worker for different programs. First is that Punjab worker welfare announced that student whose parents are working under any factory and mines industry and they need to get admission on COMSATS Lahore that kind of students are eligible and they can get admission. Reality is that before some years, salary of labor is too much low and they work hard then this institute announced that they can collect funds and at the time of education of their family then they can get the funds and then they can get education and best things is that this works is very good.

Now all types of students who do not afford the fees of this university and they also do not fulfill the requirements of merit list that kind of student now easily pay the fee and they can get admission under worker quota. At that time some limitations are announced and students who do not follow the instruction and they do not submit complete documents that kind of students are not eligible and they do not get admission and funds from this sector.

COMSATS Labour Quota Scholarship or Admission Under Punjab Worker Welfare Board 2021

Comsats university announced that students who want to get admission under policy of Punjab worker then they can get admission but if they think that they can get admission in any degree level then this is not true because seats are limited and students are too much in quantity. Students can get admission in under-graduation and post-graduation degree level but if they do not maintain the require result and after that they want to get funds then they are not eligible for this university. One important is that some students think that they can get admission in any campus under this category but important is that students just get degree of this session and in this campus and if they want to apply then they do not fulfill the requirements.

Now we talk about the worker and students want to know that how many durations are enough for fund and they also want to know that if any worker on contract, then they are eligible or not. First is that this sector announced that worker whose duration are low then 3 years they are not eligible and after 3 years they do not on permanent then they are not eligible off this session.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for that worker first make the document and then they write an application for funds and they also declare that their son want to get fund on stamp paper.

After that worker submit the application to the director and if director return document with attested stamp, then they are eligible for that and if they do not attest then they are not eligible.

Worker who does not have salary slip of previous one-year records then they do not apply for that and if they have proper slips then they are eligible.

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