CM E-Rozgar Training Scheme 2022 Earn Money From Home

Youth affairs and sports department announced admission for the youth. Government of Punjab province announced that students who want to learn digital skills and they also want to learn all skills from home that kind of students are eligible and they can do three courses from home and they can earn money from home with the help of this course. Some of students do not know about E-Rozgar and they think that this is just an institute but this is not an institute its mean that All youth and young boys and girls earn money with the help of E-commerce.

At this time, whole world using e-commerce websites and they earn money but problem is that In Pakistan all students of computer field give proper attention to their theory and they do not know about latest technologies but with the help of E-Rozgar they can learn best things, best things is that all classes and registration for admission is free and if any student who perform well in that duration that kind of students do the job and they can also do work from home. Some of the students think that these courses are not part of their syllabus then when they can do these courses but all students who know about field of computer and they know that at every time they want to use it that’s why if they do that then they can get admission and they can learn lot of things from this institute.

CM E-Rozgar scheme announced that students who want to learn creative designing and they also want to learn content writing and they need for the support of training that kind of students come to this platform and they can get more skills from this institute and at that time if they think that they learn more things and they want to do work in practical and other projects then students are eligible and they can also get certificate from this institute. One important thing is that at the time of registration mostly students are too much worried and they do not know that how they can give admission test online and which things are require for admission that kind of students click link and first they watch complete video and then they can appear in admission test. If any student who do not apply for admission test and on the other hand, they appear in admission test but they do not pass in this session that kind of students can apply in next session and they can also apply in the same session but on the other department.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for three short courses that is related to computer are that students must be appear in test and if they do not appear in test that kind of students are not eligible.

Students who have degree of graduation and they feel that they need that courses that kind of students can apply.

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