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Check Zong Sim Owner Name Online Free

Now this is time to check the owner name of ZONG SIM. In Pakistan this is famous trend that all kind of person can do all types of work on their mobile phone with the help of their contact number but now they announced that some of person who misuse to this number and they think that no any person cannot do anything against that then they are not on the good position because ZOND introduce the facility that they can check the history and name of owner to that SIM.

This is famous thing if any person who is male and they think that they can talk to the girl with their wrong number and they think that they can tease them all time that kind of person now track and if they close this SIM then they again can track their location at any time. mostly people think that they do any bad work like they do murder and then they think that they close their mobile phone number and then no any person can follow to that person that kind of person just issue the report that is from Police station and then they see that within some minutes their location and owner name is tracked.

If any person who think that this is enough that they have many SIMS that they do not have their name and they think that they want to know that if they want to block and close to this SIM at this time then they need to pay anything and they want to know that if they open the SIM to this number then this is possible that they can do this and then they are eligible for that. First is that this is possible but every work need the too much importance in this session and they think that they need to know that how many amount they charge for the NEW SIM and they want to know that if this is best then how many things they need to require for new registration of this SIM.

If they want to get the SIM that is without BILL then they need to just buy the SIM that is 200 and if they think that bill system is best then they can pay the low amount that is best for this session. Now students who think that they need to get the student package that they can use this and they can get the SIM on their B-form that kind of person are eligible but they do not get this of golden number.


Now the ZONG announced that if any person who do not do the Bio-matric of their SIM and they just use this SIM without it that kind of people need to do this first because after the last date all SIMS will be closed that do not have the finger print on the record of network. No any fee is charged for this.

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