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Check Online Pay slip of All Government of Punjab Employees Free

Now all government employees can check their pay slips online without any cost. Government of Pakistan include all provinces announced that employees who are working under the supervision of the government and at the end of the month they face many problems about the pay slips that kind of all employees now can check their online pay slips and they can also download it form the page. Now Government try bets to adopt all the digital systems and now this time they take the step in the shape of pay slip. If we talk about the past, then mostly employees are too much worried and they do not know how they can get the salary of that month because sometime work load is too much high and sometime public holidays delay the pay but with the help of digital work now all employees can get the pay slip at any time and they can also withdraw the money at any place and at any time.

Some online banks are working to this digital system and they also announced that due to virus if any person who do not visit the bank and they do not withdraw the cash that kind of employees can get the pay through online bank. It is the important step and now government announced that employees of previous session who are retire in this session and now they want to get some information about the status of their funds that kind of employees can get the information and they can also get the information about their funds that is deposit in the bank to their name.

Some of the employees who do not use this digital system and they think that how many government departments are registered from this site and many employees have a question that some of the employees are not permanent and they are working on the temporary basis that kind of employees can also get the access of this site and they can also get the pay slip from this page.

First important thing is that every year government announced that they increase some percentage of pays of the government employees but some of the employees have the doubt that their salary is same and their departments do not increase the amount of their pay that kind of employees can check the online pay slip and they can also check that their amount is going to increase or not.

Steps For Checking Pay Slip

First of all employees do the registration and then they can get the access of the site and if they do not want to make account in the site then they are not eligible for this site and they do not get the pay slip of any year or month.

Employees who creates the account and then they can enter their user name and password and then they select the department from the list of options.

After that they enter the month and they can get the pay slip.

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