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BZU BA/ BSc Supplementary Exams Guess Paper 2023

Supply holder students can get guess papers of BA and BSC degree level. BZU who announced the result of previous session and now students who are failed in one subject that is English or more than one subject that is science that kind of students demands for the guess papers pof all subject. Mostly universities juts opened the admission and then they also announced syllabus of all degree level; bit this university announced that students who think that at that time this is very tough examination and they do not get good marls due without any guess papers then they can get guess papers and they can prepare their examination on their own selective questions.

Big problem is in the Pakistan mostly students want to do BA simple but when they think that in this degree level English subject is also included then they are worried and they try best to get rid of this subject on the other hand this is not the minor subject. At that stage all students think that if they can sue guess papers then they can easily cover the short syllabus and they also know that if they can follow the questions that repeat 10 times then they can learn it and at the time of examination they can write all the things. In the survey of different sites and big thing is that students who already registered to this site and with the help of different email and messages in comment box they want to get guess papers of English subject and they also want to get help in the individual questions like Idioms and summaries.

If any student who is talented and they think that they are expert in this subject but at the time of syllabus when they see that in the duration of one year they cover the lot of syllabus then it Impact on that students who are not able to cover the full syllabus. Some students just have one hope that is they read the guess papers and then they can read the selective and top most important questions that is in this subject. One more confusion is that some students just one the different sites and they search the different guess papers but they do not know that every site has a specific point of view and they just upload the guess papers of different writers.

How Students Can Get Guess Papers

if any student who feel that in the BA degree level they need to get guess papers of any other subject then they can do it but it is important that they must be know the writer name and then they are eligible for getting guess papers of all subjects.

Students who have the lack of MBS and they want to read it online that kind of students can get the guess papers online but if they want to get guess papers in the form of book then they can do it.

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