BPSC Test Result 2022 | Baluchistan Public Service Commission Result

The result of Baluchistan Public service commission for the session 2022 has been announced. Candidates who want to become the assistant director of different posts that kind of the candidates click the link and get the online result from this site. In this session, Baluchistan Public service commission announced the result of different directors that are only for 17th scales. In the area of Baluchistan, too many new government departments are opened. In this time, some of the jobs are currently opened and some of the jobs are closed. Mostly candidates give the test to the Baluchistan Public service commission at the valid dates and now they are all waiting for the result of test. The test result date and time is highlighted in the site before today.

  • Before announcing the result, the result and other schedule is uploaded in different social media accounts and other sites. The list of the departments is available on the page. The government of Baluchistan is working in the tourism and other departments. The departments of tourism are too much wide because mostly foreign trips and foreign people want to visit the beauty. Baluchistan is the one of the beautiful area in the Pakistan that many people of different provinces are making the plan for visiting this area.
  • Now this time the job of Assistant controller in tourism are closed and million of the candidates apply for this post. Now this post announced the result for the applied candidates. Only 10 seats are free for the candidates. If any candidate wants to get the result that kind of candidates click the link and get the result in the printed form.
  • Million of the candidates can check the result in one time. The BPSC is the best testing system in the Pakistan because this department is new in this area and all the advanced machines and technologies are working in this session 2022.

How To Check Final Result

  • Only 50 candidates are shortlisted for the department.
  • The BPSC take the examination and interview.
  • Now only small number of candidates is left for the selection.
  • All the candidates tried their best to give the best interview for this job.
  • Candidates who are waiting for the final list that kind of candidates can check the result from this site.
  • Candidates just click the link and they can easily download the result sheet of post.
  • After clicking the link, candidates select the department and case number.
  • Candidates choose the one department and then click the option of result.
  • After clicking the option of result, candidates got the final merit list or result of candidates.
  • In this result sheet, only 10 candidates name are mentioned.
  • Their father name is mentioned.
  • Their ID card number is mentioned.
  • This result is valid and approved by the department.
  • This result is approved by the secretary of the department.
  • The appointment letter is also published from the secretary.

After letter

  • Selected candidates download the result and then they attach some important documents with appointment letter.
  • After that candidates write the application for the salary and then the department submits the application to the account office of whole district.
  • The salary procedure is that from joining date to current date, bill will be declared.
  • If any person has any problem in all the process that kind of person directly call to the department.
  • All the personal numbers and emails of account office are mentioned on the page and site.

Selection Of Training

  • After all the process, department announced the training session for the new candidates.
  • All the new candidates can choose the training city but the best is that department selects the training city.
  • After two months of training, candidates take the charge letter and then they start working in the department with honesty.

Selection Of Test City

  • The important information for this portion is that mostly candidates do not choose the right city for the test.
  • This test is important for the carrier.
  • BPSC gives many location or cities for the test.
  • Mostly candidates choose the nearest cities but some of the candidates choose far city.
  • Mostly candidates think that all the cities have different tests. But this is wrong.
  • All the cities have same paper and all the papers are in same time.
  • If any candidate wants to change their city name and domicile that kind of candidates click the option of edit application and edit the whole application.
  • List of all the cities is mentioned on the page.

How To Enter Experience In Application Form

  • This form is for both the candidates who are fresh or experienced.
  • All the official departments do not have their application form.
  • All the applications are submitted with the help of BPSC.
  • If some of the candidates do some job on other department then they mentioned In the application form.
  • With the help of experience, HRM easily judge your skills.
  • Candidates just click the link and they login the portal.
  • After that candidates click the option of educational and experience.
  • Candidates enter the information in it.
  • First the candidates enter the company name.
  • Second they enter the post name.
  • Third they enter the duration of job.
  • Fourth they enter the reason of resign.
  • At the end they enter the resign date.

How To Enter Educational Records

  • Mostly candidates enter the educational record in the wrong way that’s why application form are not accepted the educational records.
  • First the candidates select the degree level.
  • Degree level is FA or ICS or FSC.
  • Then they enter the board name.
  • Then they enter the obtained marks and full marks.
  • Candidates enter the major subjects of degree level.
  • Candidates also write the session year for all the degrees.

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