BISE Punjab Boards 12th Class Special Examination Result 2021

 Result is announced for special examination of this session. This is last hope that all kind of students stand on it and now they do not say that this board does not give any chance for improving their marks that kind of students are eligible to get this result that is mentioned in this site. First is that this is not the normal result of this session on the other hand this is result that is for special case and with that they can get the final marks that are not changed in any session of this result.

One thing is that students are too much confused and they want to ask some questions and they think that they need to know that this is possible that is this case they all students again passed in this session. Committee of this session announced that if any student who think that they appear in the second time and they think that they need to get the passing mars according to the previous session that kind of students are not eligible for that and they can get this result if they have marks in this session. Now other policy for concession of marks is work for this session.

Some students want to know that in the result of previous session they do not get the best marks but now they appear in this session and if they can get the best marks in this session then the marks are added to that session or not on the other hand they want to know that they can get the result sheet that is extra and then they attached for the both session or not. Second question is that if they again fail in this session then they got marks that is in previous session or the new marks of this session.

All questions of this session are too much perfect and this site gives them the answer to all kind of students but before that students who want to do any other question that is about policy that kind of students are eligible to write this on this comment box and then they can get the solution that they can find out this.

Main is that students who do not fail in this session but after the result of this session they fail in his subject then they consider fail in this type on the other hand they do not have any right that they apply for this session.

BISE Punjab Boards Special Examination Result 2021

Students marks are added with the previous session result sheet and they announced that all students who want result sheet that is best that kind of students are eligible and they can get this through this page.

When they enter the things in this session and they think that they need to know that can they again in next round if they are failed then they are not eligible for that.

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