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Bashir Sons Daewoo Timing & Fares All Routes & Cities

On the holy occasion of EID, BAHSIR SONS give best facility to all passengers. At this holy time all types of passengers who want to return back to their home and they want to best facility for the travelling that kind of passengers use the service of BASHIR SONS. Now students and other families who are in ten Lahore and students who want to back to their home that kind of students do not need to pay full fare because this bus service announced that students can travel with half of the fare but only one condition is issued that is available of seat. If seat is not available to any route and they think that now they can get ticket of any other bus they do not get any other facility or service.

Owner of bus service announced that passengers whose distance are too much far and they want to travel with this bus then they can trust to the bus management and they can cooperate in every problem. One more thing is that if any passenger who have a lot of luggage and they want to carry it with their seat that kind of passenger do not do that because in the lower side of bus they can adjust all luggage with proper sequence.

Now best thing is that if any person who has one or two children with him and they want to travel but they create issue at the time of booking that they just pay for one ticket that kind of person do not need to book for the seat of one person but if they have one child that is too much small and they do not need any seat then they are able to book one seat and then they can travel with this service. Second thing is that students who come back and their destination is village and think that at the proper village address the bus is stooped and then they can complete their journey that kind of students do not do that because this bus service do not have any other stop in the road.

Bashir Sons Daewoo Timing & Fares

Almost every city has a proper terminal and if any person who want to book their seat and at that place this bus do not have terminal then they do not feel any worry and they can book seat.

It is important to inform that first if any person who book the seat through any bank account and after that they want to cancel it then they are eligible for return their amount back but after that if they again doing booking at that time of same bus they do not travel again and they do not book to the seat. ‘

Timing is too much valid and after 10 mints the buses are ready for the travelling. Route number and bus number are mentioned in site.

They can also get food in the mid of journey.

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