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Bakhtwar Cadet College Admission 2023 Apply Free

Only girls are allowed to get admission in this session. Now admission is announced of this college and now students who are specially girls complete their dream and they do not blame to any other sector that they cannot have any opportunity for admission of any cadet college. At that time due to need and according to academic demand this college announced admission of 11th class of all fields but students who do FA and then they want to get admission that kind of students are not eligible for that.

Big thing is that when they got admission in this session and when they think that they can also do more in their life after intermediate then they can get more choices because they have good marks if they can get admission in this session and then they can adopt best opportunity of this session.

Next thing is that mostly parents are too much worried and they think that outside the city how girls can manage the daily routine that is too much tough. Admission committee announced that this sector is full of security and if they want to need any hostel room then they are eligible for that. For education main aim of this institute is that they do not do any compromise for that student who break any rule.

Bakhtwar Cadet College Admission 2023

Students who want to do degree of FSC with medical faculty but if they are not eligible on Self-Seats then they do not get admission because too much rush on also self-seats of this session. Admission committee announced after announced admission of regular this college announced admission for those students who have ability to pay fees and they also have ability to pay the fee double in one session.

One more thing is that after getting admission if they think that they can do more hardworking and after monthly result they show that this is best for this college then it is possible that they can convert their status from private to regular. Now students want to know that before that they do not know that private students can get classes in evening session or not. Admission committee announced that in all documents they just called private but in normal life they also attend classes like that where the normal student is.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria are that students who want to get admission on self-seats but they want to book their seat before result that kind of students are eligible but before that they need to pay complete fee at one time of this session.

Second is that if they are medical not fit like they do not walk properly and speak properly that kind of students are not eligible.

Special quota is introduced by this college and they announced that if they want to get more details about this quota system than they can click link and they can get list that is include all possibilities of admission of this session.

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