Astron College of Science & Commerce Merit List 2021

Registration fee, Admission fee, monthly fee and hostel fee for this college are mentioned in site. Mostly students are too much worried and they are finding fee structure of this college but they do not find that and now they think that they need to visit this college and then they can get information from this sector. With the help of this site if they can get all types fees details of this session of engineering and commerce degree level then students can save their time and they can take advantage from this site. This is first thing of this site that they announced fee structure but if any student who want to pay the fee in the form of month then they are eligible and if they want to pay fee in the complete 6 months then they are eligible of this session.

Second thing is that students who know that with the help of this college they can do registration of M.ED and B.ED and they want to get information about registration fee of this session that kind of students click link and they can pay just fees of 5120 RS if they also want to get online classes from this site. If any student who think that they just want registration and they think that if they can get classes online then they can save money that kind of students just need to pay registration fee that is only above 5000. Next is that if they want to pay fees of M.ED then they need to deposit fee of 55370and then they are eligible for registration of this session.

Now we talk about fees of intermediate and other degree level and they also want to know that if they want to get coaching classes that is special for the toppers students that kind of students are eligible and they can pay 8000 RS that is extra from the tuition fee. Now students want to know that at the time of registration their deal is done that they can get admission if two or three students got admission in one time and now they want to get admission on the base of kingship. Now kingship means that students pay the admission fee half and at the time of registration they must pay original fee with 25 discounts. If any student who is normal and their marks are also normal and they want to pay fee that kind of students are eligible and they pay complete fee.

Astron College of Science & Commerce Merit List 2021

Some of students are too much naughty and they break the tables and chairs and some of students who break anything in the class then they pay the heavy fine and then they are eligible for next class.

When students want to apply for registration in board then they are not eligible to pay fee by hand to the board on the other hand they pay fee to college and then they are eligible.

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